About Blue Monday Coffee

Created out of a love of great coffee, Blue Monday started as a roaster in the heart of the UK’s speciality coffee world, with a focus on quality sourcing, experimental roasting, and a thirst for discovering the best flavour experiences. A unique benefit to our coffee is the slow roasting process we use which caramelises the flavour resulting in coffee that is smooth, full of flavour without bitterness and doesn’t need added sugar.


Blue Monday Coffee is for the open minded and curious. We are a small local company based in the Welsh countryside. We are flexible and creative and you can guarantee our coffee will be freshly roasted. We understand individuality is important and offer you the opportunity to create your own blend depending on your taste preferences.


Our beans are sourced from Brazil, Columbia, Peru, El Salvador, Honduras, Kenya, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Burundi, and Tanzania. And all our coffee is hand roasted in a barn house deep in North Wales and distributed around the UK.


We chose exotic birds in our logos and for the coffee bags to represent the birds found in the countries we source the coffee from. And like the birds, we migrate around the world. We have small batch coffee roasters across Europe and each roastery brings its own flare and approach.


Different flavours, taste experiences and the opening up of new possibilities in coffee.


We work with the farmers who pick and grade the beans to source top grade green beans with a difference. We believe in disregarding the traditional rules in favour of creating something new and adventurous. A great example is we have started to use fermented beans to create a different flavour and a coffee with additional health benefits.

We are on a mission for new flavour.


We create blends with single origin coffees. This is unusual practice, but we find we can create unique and delicious coffee that you won’t find anywhere else.

We are committed to ethical sourcing and sustainable delivery, for example, we use recycled cardboard in our delivery and we do not use single use takeaway cups.