The Macaw


Mexican Mountain Water Decaffeinated Coffee

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The Macaw – Chabela Mountain Water Decaffeinated Coffee

Country of Origin – Mexico
Region – Chiapas
Variety – Bourbon, Catimor, Garnica and Typica
Process – Mountain Water

For best results store in a dry cupboard, out of direct sunlight


Spicy, cinnamon, dark chocolate
Acidity – citric
Mouthfeel – Buttery


Decaffeination Process

Chabela is produced by an exporter in the coffee-growing region of Chiapas in Mexico.
This exporter was founded in 1980, being the first decaffeinator in Latin America with the best technology in the industry, for the analysis of the processes obtaining the best quality and yield of the bean, achieving decaffeination that exceeds 99% of water-based extraction, patented in 1987 and certified organic in 2003. Business ethics can be defined as a business strategy in which commitments and responsibilities are made to the exporter’s key stakeholders: customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and creditors, competitors, community where they operate, government authorities


250g, 1kg


Wholebean, Aeropress, Cafetiere, Espresso Machine, Pods, Stovetop, V60